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Trans and rainbow flags with the title Gender Identity in Literature in yellow
Gender Identity in Literature

In this 90-minute replay of a live event, four sensitivity readers discuss how creatives can approach including characters with varying gender identities.

We discuss intersectionality and how that adds additional cross-sections of identity, and how authors can use this information to write better, more inclusive stories.

A background of books on shelves with the words Native Representation in Literature laid over
Native Representation in Literature

A 90-minute replay of a live event, two Native sensitivity readers discuss Native representation, decolonizing your writing, and the ways stereotypes and dehumanizing tropes creep into writing featuring Native characters.

Come learn how to write better Native characters.

A stack of rainbow books with the words Sensitivity Reading 101: What, When, Why
Sensitivity Reading 101

Our CEO and sensitivity reading department chair come together in this 90-minute replay of a live event to discuss what sensitivity reading is, how Salt and Sage Books approaches it, and why it's the most important thing you can do for your writing.

Learn what sensitivity reading is--and isn't--and get answers to the most common questions we hear.

Neurodiverse Representation in Literature
Neurodiverse Representation in Literature

Join Basil, Kim, and Thais as they discuss the ways neurodiverse representation falls short -- and clear ideas for how to create representation that is helpful to the communities they represent.

60 minutes of conversation, 30 minutes of Q&A.

We are Salt and Sage Books.

We started as an editorial company and quickly became known industry-wide for our exceptional sensitivity readers.

You're in the right place for learning how to write diverse books, the best practices within writing outside of your lived experience, and to understand your creativity on a whole new level.

"Writing authentic characters who are a different race, ethnicity, and culture than I am felt absolutely impossible [but] I have a lot more confidence going forward. Thank you to the team ... for helping writers to get things right!"

- Sally Britton,
award-winning author of historical fiction

Salt and Sage Books is an editorial company focused on increasing diversity in all forms of fiction. With experience spanning Big 5 publishers, TTRPGs, indie authors, video games, and film, our editors are the best in the industry.

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